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GayNudeSail Special: Zakynthos-Epidauros-Athens

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This nude sailing cruise is the last track of this four week sailing cruise. This week we sail from Zakynthos back to Athens, passing the spectacular channel for Corinth. During this week we have interesting itinerary, visiting the big town of Patras, small local villages and islands and also the famous amphitheater of Epidaurus and Delphi are on our program! Something for everyone! This cruise is including breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, gasoline, cleaning. Excluded dinner, drinks, snacks and Corinth Channel fee.


Day 1: Boarding in Zakynthos after 5 p.m. The skipper will welcome you with a welcome drink and show you your cabin.

Day 2: Kefalonia Island Poros Town. A little harbor with a very nice view, the ferry takes half the marina space.

Day 3: The interesting town of Messalonghi, where Lord Bryon is buried, with its houses on stilts next to the canal is the next place we will visit. The town is built between the lagoon of Messolonghi and the one of Kleisova at the estuary of Evinos and Acheloos river.It is a town of glorious cultural and historical past. Nowadays, Messolonghi is a major fish-production center. There are interesting examples of traditional architecture in Messolonghi.

Day 4: We continue our route to Galaxdhi on the other side of the Gulf of Corinth. This is one of the most beautiful harbors of this area because of the small entrance in a rocky environment.

Day 5: Kiato. The coastal city with the large harbor is the base of the Municipality of Sikyonia. Not being far away from Athens (with which it is also connected with the suburban rail) it attracts many vacationers from Athens in summertime.

Day 6: One of the most special days of this trip. We will go through the famous channel of Corinth to Epidaurus. Time to visit the world famous Amphitheater!

Day 7: Are last day of sailing takes to Athens. Dinner in the historical Plaka area and time to explore the local gay life!

Day 8: Time to disembark after breakfast and say goodbye to your new friends

This itinerary is subject to change. Local circumstances such as weather may influence the itinerary.

Travel Information

You can fly to Zakynthos and fly back home from Athens. Maybe you need a stop over in Athens as well on your way to Zakynthos. There are also flights from Zakytntos and Corfu to Athens with Olympic Air and between the Ionian Islands Corfu, Zakytnhos and Lefkas (Prevaza) with Sky Express.

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