Gay Cruise with

A gay cruise with GaySail means you are going to sail for a week or two with a group of 10-30 gay boys and -men. Sailing experience is not necessary. If you like, you can learn to sail and navigate, but you can also just lie on the front deck, soak up the sun and enjoy the sea, the nature and look out for the dolphins. Or you can relax in the tub (the back section) with a book, music, a snack and a drink.

What does a Gay Cruise include?

Every GaySail gay cruise is accompanied by one or more experienced gay skipper (s) and usually also one or more gay cook (s). See: "Our Team". Our gay skippers know the routes, the nice bays, the beautiful beaches, the delicious restaurants and all the sights. The chefs arrange for you breakfast, lunch and all groceries so you can enjoy your vacation. Dinner is usually in a local restaurant or sometimes we have a barbecue on the beach or we dine on board in a bay below the starry sky.

Gay Cruise destinations

We have countless destinations where we organize a gay cruise. Within Europe we have Gay Sail and Gay Nude Sail gay cruises in Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. Outside Europe, gay cruises are in Saint Maarten, Saint Barth, Anguilla, Tahiti, Seychelles and Thailand. See: "Destinations". 

At most destinations, we offer both nude sailing trips: GayNudeSail, and "clothes optional" GaySail travel. In a naked gay cruise, you are always naked, unless we anchor off in a busy bay and of course when we stay in a harbor of a city or village. A clothes optional gay cruise means that, if you want, you can sunbathe on the front deck and swim naked.

What sailing yachts and catamarans sail on a gay cruise?

A gay cruise in Europe is generally on one or two modern 15-16 meter sailing yachts. Each sailing yacht has 5-6 sleeper cabins with single bed, bunk bed or double bed and 3-4 shower cubicles with shower and toilet. For more information see: "Sailing Yachts"
A gay cruise outside Europe is generally on one or more catamarans with 4-8 sleeper cabins and 4-6 bath cabins with shower and toilet. For more information see: "GaySail Exclusive".
If we sail with more ships at the same time, we always have identical ships, and we'll go on together.

The Various Gay Cruise Labels

Both the GaySail and GayNudeSail gay cruises are both in different labels:

GaySail and GayNudeSail: This involves accommodation aboard and service of a gay skipper. The group provides breakfast, lunch and arranges the groceries.

GaySail Special and GayNudeSail Special: This involves accommodation aboard, the service of a gay skipper and gay cook. Included are breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, tourist tax, fuel, cleaning. Not included: (alcoholic) drinks, dinners and any excursions.

GaySail Exclusive and GayNudeSail Exclusive: This includes accommodation aboard a luxury, modern and new sailing yacht or catamaran, the service of a gay skipper and gay cook. Included are breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, harbor fees, tourist tax, fuel, cleaning. Not included: alcoholic drinks, dinners and excursions.

Our guests come from all over the world, are of all ages and always sail both singles and couples. The language on board is English.
If you have any questions after reading this information, feel free to contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Mark: +31625091498.